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Encourage wellbeing.
Discover your happy.


We were born on the side of a mountain in Glacier National Park in 2013. With few significant hikes under our belts, this was the first time exploring and climbing anything that actually resembled a mountain. Alison was a bit (maybe a lot) less outdoorsy than Dan, but both were excited for this big adventure. During one of their first climbs, Alison noticed that one of the best parts of the trip had been the people they met on the trails. As breathtaking as the scenery was, it was truly amazing to be in a space with people who all just seemed so joyful. At some point the comment “Everyone is just so happy. It’s almost like happy people hike!” came out of her mouth. Dan thought it was quite catchy and when they got back home decided to make a sticker. A sticker turned into a few shirts and a hat, a few more designs, an Esty store, and eventually a mission.

As the brand grew so did their love for the outdoors and passion for incorporating those feel good outdoor feelings into everyday life and sharing that with others. And as much fun as it was to sell cool things and connect with people through the brand, both Dan and Alison knew that it needed to be more than that. While there have been a few iterations of giving over the years, the brand has always been purpose driven and donated a portion of proceeds to a non-profit organization. As we’ve grown, the brand includes more than just fun gear. We’ve expanded into events, partnerships and community groups and view ourselves as more of a movement than anything else. One with a passion for people and planet.

At Happy People Hike we believe…

  • In the power of fresh air and camaraderie of strangers.
  • In the healing powers of the natural world.
  • Every human should be encouraged and welcome in the outdoors.
  • Connecting with nature is the fastest way to discover yourself and what you’re made of.
  • In protecting the planet and leaving every place better than how we found it.
  • Sharing lived experiences out loud helps to connect and heal our souls.
  • Hiking is inclusive and available in some manner for people of all abilities.

And we believe in the power of community to heal our planet and ourselves. Our brand was created to support groups and programs that align with these beliefs. A portion of all sales goes directly to our community partners.


Get outside and get happy!

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