The Squad

Our Happy Hiker Community is wide spread. While we consider all our friends and followers part of the squad, here’s a few of our team members, brand partners and ambassadors who are actively spreading the happy hiker love.

Team Members

Alison Glowinski, Founder

Alison is one of the co-founders of Happy People Hike and squad leader over here. In fact, she came up with the phrase Happy People Hike during her first big hiking trip when she realized how joyful everyone was on the trail. “Everyone we’ve met is so happy. It’s like…happy people hike!”

Even though she currently lives in the city, she spends every possible moment outside. If you ever get the honor of hiking or camping with her you’ll find out she’s always cold, always lost and falls a lot. But she is also always laughing and having “the best day ever!”

Her favorite part of Happy People Hike is the connections she’s made, both in person and online. She loves hearing people’s stories and learning from others. With a life goal to visit all of the National Parks, she is looking forward to meeting all sorts of new friends on the trails!

Derek Mohr, Designer

Derek is the owner of One Mohr Time Design, based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Developer by day and designer by night, Derek is responsible for making us look good. From logos to website design, Derek brings his love of the outdoors and eye for style to all of his work.

While he has some great travel stories, that little furry black bear tops the list.

“I was riding down a mountain road near Glacier Nat’l Park, MT. While cruising at a pretty fast speed, I got in an argument about a TV show with the group I was biking with, so naturally, I was too distracted to notice some of them braking hard. Once I noticed it, I looked forward, and I saw a large black bear lumbering our way . The photo is also a complete coincidence, because I was not calm and collected as it would appear.”

Learn more about Derek and his work at 

Dan Glowinski, Co-Founder

Dan is one of the co-founders of Happy People Hike and the creator of our first sticker and original Etsy store.

Dan grew up exploring the outdoors. Whether it was camping, biking, swimming, hiking, exploring the woods with his brother, he never wanted to leave.

Dan is a map guy and looking at maps always makes him realize there are so many places to explore. The trails to hike, the mountain streams to sit next to, the wild animal encounters right around the next turn (literally). Hiking is his happy place.

John Muir seemed to sum it up best for him, “The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”

Leigh Ann Cobb, Photographer

Leigh Ann is the talent and genius behind Leigh Ann Cobb Photo. Her personality, authenticity and style bring an insane amount of fun and life to every HPH photoshoot!

Leigh Ann is a natural-light photographer so naturally she spends a lot of time outdoors! When she’s not shooting campaigns you can often find her scouting new locations, which involves A LOT of hiking. She enjoys exploring urban environments just as much as the trails, and it’s one of the best ways to inspire new concepts. Her list of places to explore never gets smaller, but some of her most memorable hikes have been around Juneau Alaska, Mount Tamalpais outside of San Francisco, and most recently the Eben Ice Caves in Northern Michigan. This past year going on long walks has been one of the most enjoyable ways for her to spend her time, proving that happy people do in fact, hike.

Learn more about Leigh Ann and her work here: 

Ally Muenzenmeyer, Social Media/Marketing

Ally and her company, Social Butterfly Studios, bring beauty to our little piece of the internet.

Since Ally was young she was often referred to as a social butterfly which evolved as she became a business woman. Ally graduated with a dual degree in Business and Accounting from Aquinas College (Go Saints!) When in public accounting after college she was known as the social butterfly of the group and was always being asked to be a “wing man” at accounting and business events. Ally’s love for business grew – and she became a trusted advisor with a mission to bring beauty to all businesses – from spreadsheets to social media. Ally has a unique eye for design and combined with her business savvy, is a wonderfully dangerous combination. When tasked with naming her business – it was easy! The butterfly’s journey is sometimes difficult, but in the end there is beauty! Ally is a mom of a little social butterfly of her own, and one of their traditions is visiting the butterflies locally at Fredrick Meijer Gardens. Ally loves all things water from boating to paddle boarding. Coffee is her love language and will often find her at a coffee shop enjoying a latte!

Mike Rudd, Event Partner

Mike Rudd

Outdoor Adventure Writer, Nomadic Yoga Teacher, and Avid on the Ground Volunteer in Food Policy

Mike & his life partner Jill have been living out of their Nissan Rogue, tent camping, or staying at long-term airbnb’s since June of 2020. Amongst other hikes Mike has happily hiked (Get the Pun?!) Half Dome in Yosemite, Angels Landing in Zion, the Enchantments in Washington State, Mt Baldy in SoCal, and slackpacked Jill and their friend Kim’s one day Rim to Rim Hike in the Grand Canyon during this adventure.

His 5th book is due out in late 2021 and he’s an avid guest poster on our blog.

Check him out:

Rebecca Joyner, Brand Buddy

Rebecca Joyner

Guinness World Record holder for the fastest marathon ran as a skeleton! (Yup, that’s a thing)

​She signs up for races that sound like your running far but really are “power hiking”, like the Vol State 500k across Tennessee.

She has 3 young boys and has led a Cub Scout pack for 6 years to grow the next generation of hikers, leaders and conservationists.

​Her goal in the next few years is to run the Arrowhead 135, the “coldest race in America.” It’s a self supported 135 mile race in WI in February, that would give her the hottest (Vol State) and the coldest races in the North America.

​Podcast Features:
The Adventure Jogger: Crew Show
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Ultra Running Magazine Features:
Tunnel Hill
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The Inaugural Tuscazoar 100/50
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