Five Dog Friendly Hikes in Sedona Arizona

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Want to bring your dog on a hike in the Red Rocks, to the top of Arizona, or to an energy vortex? We share five dog friendly hikes in Northern Arizona and the Sedona Region that are approved for you and your pooch!

Sedona Arizona gets all the hiking publicity. While the publicity is well deserved the whole region is filled with dog friendly hiking trails. The Red Rocks bring a formative energy to the outdoor scene in Sedona. But you and your pup don’t have to call it a day after Sedona. We’ll explore trails all over the region in this article!

A hard working pooch atop the high point of Arizona (Humphrey's Peak!)
The Top of Arizona is a strenuous hike but this dog is not breathing heavy at the summit!

First things first…

It’s a privilege to bring your dog hiking on public lands. Please leash them if the area requests it, clean up after them, and be attentive. And while we are at it…Leave No Trace and Pack Your 10 Essentials :)!
Cotopaxi is a B.A.R.K. Ranger and if you choose to bring the best companions in the world on hiking trails please consider the same.

Now onto the fun stuff…

Five Dog Friendly Hikes in Sedona Arizona (and the greater region).

  1. Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona.
  2. Chimney Rock, Sedona, Arizona.
  3. Boynton Canyon, Sedona, Arizona.
  4. Humphreys Peak, Flagstaff, Arizona.
  5. Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, Arizona.

    Note: Grand Canyon National Park’s Rim Trail and the Arizona Trail Section in Flagstaff are also dog friendly but covered in other articles. So they didn’t make this list!
Heading out towards an energy vortex in Sedona Arizona.

Cathedral Rock.
Part rock climb. Part hike. Decently steep gain from the main trailhead (the parking fills up fast!)
Hike from the Baldwin Trail to the Templeton Trail for some beautiful miles, a dip in the creek after the ascent, and a panoramic view of the best Sedona has to offer. This will be a more dog friendly way to hike this trail.
Hike Cathedral Rock on a Tuesday night if your dog likes dance parties, because one happens on Tuesdays! I am not joking. (I have been twice.)
This might be my favorite sunset spot in all of Arizona!

Secret Mountain Wilderness you say? We are in! Dogs are too. Coconino NF in Sedona.

Chimney Rock.
Stop by the Stupa Peace Park to start your hike. Coffee pot rock and Chimney Pass feel more serene after a meditation with Buddhist Monks and Himalayan Peace Flags. You can wander extra miles here pretty easily but be careful. The “Secret Mountain” Wilderness starts to look pretty similar in the dark. Trails are marked sparingly sometimes in Sedona. If you prefer easy to follow well marked trails you might consider extra attention as you hike! I actually have rescued a few lost hikers in Sedona. This trek is right in town and the Peace Park is hard to beat!

End of Trail. No problem, view is great! Dog friendly hiking in Sedona at Cathedral Rock!

Ready for BIG energy vortexes?
Then head to Sedona Arizona to hike!

Boynton Canyon.
Rumored to have some of the largest vortexes in the region this trail packs a nice punch. Flat sections, a nice ascent, dog friendly, and beautiful views. It offers you a bit of everything. This hike’s parking also fills up early. (They actually all do in Sedona.) If I had to recommend one hike to someone to get a full picture of Sedona’s Trail this would probably be it. Boynton Canyon is a trail much better suited for dogs than Bear Mountain. Bear Mountain is dog friendly but it’s not a good trail for all dogs.

Grand Canyon National Park's Rim Trail is dog friendly, flat, and LONG!
The Rim and Greenway Trails in Grand Canyon National Park are LONG, FLAT, and Dog Friendly!

In the mood for a state highpoint?

Humphreys Peak.
This trail had TONS of dogs when I hiked to the top of it. I also LOVE this hike. You gain over 3,000 feet and reach the top of Arizona. Depending on the size of the dog would answer if you should take them. My dog Cotopaxi is not going on this hike with me. Too long, too step. Charlie (the energetic 50 pound boxer I walk at the shelter I volunteer at) would definitely be along on the trek. As I mentioned Boynton Canyon/Bear Mountain; dogs being allowed doesn’t mean dog friendly for all dogs.
I saw a golden retriever, lab, pit, and a few husky/shepherd mixes on this trail and they were LOVING it. This is a great hike in the summer/early fall to get out of the heat in Sedona. If you can catch a summit day when the aspen are turning golden in Flagstaff you will be feeling the “Aspen Glow!”

Fall foliage of the Aspen Trees in Flagstaff Arizona.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park.
I actually lived in Old Town Cottonwood Arizona. Though I hiked more often in Sedona and Flagstaff (both super close) this state park was a great hiking trail system. It’s also dog friendly. It’s also of all varying lengths depending on what you want to add on. It connects directly with the biking paths in downtown Cottonwood so the access is hard to beat. You will find the “Verde” valley has a bit more to offer than just red rocks when you go exploring here. I was training for a road race and was able to weave together a half marathon for practice in this trail system. Your pooch will enjoy the sandy texture and relatively flat pieces of this state park, I can almost guarantee it!

Bark Ranger hanging out at the Maswik Lodge in the Grand Canyon.
Cotopaxi resting after a hike in Northern Arizona.

The Red Rock Energy is hard to beat.

Sedona Arizona is busy, crowded, and has become a haven for expensive resorts and spas. All things considered I still find myself drawn to it. Because the energy vortexes are still there. The hiking trails are second to none and the region surrounding it is one of the best for outdoor adventurers in the whole country. From Sedona to Flagstaff to Cottonwood to Jerome to the Grand Canyon you can’t go wrong!

Some of my fondest memories of hikes are in Sedona. Concurrently I am drawn back to Sedona no matter how many crowds continue to pour in. I would definitely recommend getting to any trailhead SUPER EARLY. Especially if you are looking for a more chill vibe then staying in Flagstaff or Old Town Cottonwood and day hiking in Sedona is your best bet.

Sedona Arizona is SUPER dog allowed. Although some of the trails are more dog friendly than others, depending on your dog. Use your best judgment!

When you are ready for a dog friendly hiking adventure in the American Southwest make sure you take a look at Sedona and its surrounding region in Arizona. It’s one of the best!
Thanks for reading and supporting Happy People Hike, comment below with any questions or your favorite dog friendly hikes in
Sedona Arizona.

Happy Trails and Happy Hiking to you and your Pups!

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